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CRUSH your GOALS by taking CONTROL of your MIND and your ACTIONS

CRUSH your GOALS by taking CONTROL of your MIND and your ACTIONS

This episode is sponsored by Better Help. Go to https://betterhelp.com/rt for 10% off your first month. When it comes to mindset, I have dedicated my time, energy, and resources to make sure that we can pull people out of the matrix at scale. Helping you see that human potential is nearly limitless and seeing others strive for greatness regardless of your circumstances or your zip code is a huge part of what I live for. We put together some of the best advice to transform your mindset and drive home the point, that mindset is everything. It is so important that you understand how to cultivate a value system and beliefs around the things that will move you forward. Being aware of what a growth mindset is and watching out for the false growth mindset trap is critical for your success. Get obsessed, acquire skills, and execute because action cures all! YOUTUBE CHAPTERS SHOW NOTES:
0:00 | Introduction to Mindset Mastery
1:44 | Change is a Possibility You Choose
3:24 | Success Starts with Mindset
4:20 | Create a Value System Around Acquiring Skills
6:56 | Cultivating Desire and Passion from Interests
8:15 | Raw Materials that Create Drive and Excitement
9:59 | Why Environment Doesn’t Matter
12:56 | Results Tied to Decisions and Your Circle
13:52 | Defining a Growth Mindset & Being Best At Something
15:10 | Skills Have Utility To Do Something Extraordinary
16:26 | Identity Based on Outcome & Being Antifragile
19:08 | Having a Fragile Ego Feeling Attacked & Criticized
20:49 | Be Grounded To Your Why & Your Mission
21:52 | Constructing Your Own Belief & Value System
23:04 | Using Disappointment and Failures In Balance
23:48 | Using The Dark Side & Negative Voice Positively
26:15 | Allow Yourself To Experience & Learn From Pain
28:08 | Make The Negative Voice The Voice of Clarity
28:42 | Emotional Resilience to Take Insults Learn & Let Go QUOTES:
“You don't get skills because it looks good on the resume. You get skills because it lets you do the thing you want to do.” [3:18] “stop valuing myself for being good at something and start valuing myself for being willing to learn.” [5:52] “The reality is that even desire is something that you have to learn to cultivate, to turn into a raging inferno like your wants have to become needs.” [6:56] “It's a weird twist of fate that in order to build the muscle, you first have to tear it, right? But once you accept that, that's how it works, you can do extraordinary things.” [9:31] “there's such a gap between where you are and the upper bounds of human limitation that to even worry about limitation just doesn't make sense.” [14:13] “We all have this opportunity to become capable of the extraordinary to be able to do things other people can't do. And that feels so good” [16:19] “Be inspired by people that are better than you, great! That's amazing, but don't sit there and lament“ [16:37] “I love inspiration, motivation, but it is the neurological equivalent of candy.” [20:49] “if nature only gave you two things to motivate you pleasure and pain, why would you eliminate half of them?” [26:24] “I'm always looking for ways in which I'm wrong because I don't value myself for being right.” [27:09] “I don't think people should try to silence the negative voice in their head, but I also don't think they should succumb to it. I think you should listen to the negativity because it will call out shit that's real” [28:08] “The people with the gravest of intent are the ones that are giving you the most powerful gift because you may be blind to it, or maybe you didn't want to acknowledge it. But if you can let it hit you as much as it hurts then bend down, pick it up and learn from it now you can do something “ [30:46]

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