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Try These Mindset Hacks to Find Your Passion and Conquer Your Goals | Impact Theory

Try These Mindset Hacks to Find Your Passion and Conquer Your Goals | Impact Theory

This episode is brought to you by Fearless Motivation. Search Fearless Motivation on pretty much every music platform: Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music, Deezer, iTunes...you name it, and find the perfect soundtrack for your own journey to greatness. In the last year Impact Theory has brought you the world’s foremost mindset masters. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, watch as Lilly Singh, Marie Forleo, Trent Shelton, Jay Shetty, Wim Hof, and John Assaraf share their favorite mindset hacks and their best tips and stories. Learn how to control your emotions, change the way you feel, access happiness at any moment, and empower yourself in any situation. SHOW NOTES: Lilly Singh describes the process for finding what’s right for you [2:17]
Lilly says that your level of energy shows whether you’re on the right path [3:31]
Lilly explains how to deal with the anxiety that comes from leaving your comfort zone [4:42]
Lilly talks about taking ownership and efficiency [6:40]
Marie Forleo advocates simply deciding to change the way you feel [7:55]
Marie explains how to use gratitude to reframe your feelings [9:44]
Marie talks about how your energy comes through emails and other communications [10:51]
Trent Shelton advocates transparency because it creates connection [13:25]
Trent talks about what it means to unwrap your gifts [15:31]
Jay Shetty advocates opening yourself up to new role models and experiences [18:44]
Jay defines power from the perspective of a monk [22:36]
Wim Hof explains what happiness is and how to access it [25:30]
Wim talks about why he plays music [26:11]
Wim explains to what extent we can control our brainwaves [26:35]
Wim describes his four day retreat and how it changes people’s brains [28:21]
John Assaraf advocates using empowering language patterns [31:02]
John explains the relationship between emotions and feelings and how to control them [32:38] QUOTES: “The mindset is completely trainable.” [18:44]
“If I’m the problem, I am also the solution.” [7:48]
“Emotions and feelings aren’t positive or negative. They are empowering or dis-empowering to varying degrees if you don’t understand them.” [33:56] FOLLOW IMPACT THEORY: WEBSITE: www.impacttheory.com
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