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How to Motivate People, Transform Business, and Be a True Leader | Simon Sinek on Impact Theory

How to Motivate People, Transform Business, and Be a True Leader | Simon Sinek on Impact Theory

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Go to and use code impacttheory to get 75% off a 3-year plan and an extra month for free. Thanks to NordVPN for sponsoring this video Simon Sinek achieved international fame with the TED Talk “How great leaders inspire action” and his first book “Start With Why.” Now he is expanding his discussion of leadership and delving into the question of what has gone so wrong for businesses and their leaders. In this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Simon Sinek goes deep into the subject of his newest work, “The Infinite Game.” He shares that most leaders don’t understand the infinite game they are in. Simon explains how our current business climate creates poor leaders, how to change that climate, and how to build the clarity and courage necessary to lead with an infinite mindset. SHOW NOTES: Simon defines an infinite game and advocates leading with an infinite mindset [3:27]
Simon advocates prioritizing people over revenue and profits [5:29]
Simon explains why prioritizing employees ends up leading to higher profits [8:01]
Simon describes why psychological safe spaces are necessary [11:03]
Simon explains why you can’t incentivize performance [13:02]
Simon describes economic history and how businesses became less people-friendly [14:36]
Simon advocates that leadership is a lifestyle and that it ought to be ethical [22:01]
Simon describes the importance of a just cause and how it differs from your “why” [26:21]
Simon explains why we have poor leaders [29:28]
Simon explains how to become a good leader [31:03]
Simon describes his belief that good leaders need worthy rivals [33:10]
Simon advocates the willingness to make profound strategic shifts to advance [36:26]
Simon explains how to build the courage to play the infinite game [40:27]
Simon advocates exhibiting empathy towards whoever is closest to you [44:45]
Simon and Tom discuss finding the language to describe the infinite game [47:12]
Simon advocates being the leader you wish you had [49:09]
Simon shares the impact he wants his book to have [50:49] QUOTES: “I’m tired of CEO’s telling me that, ‘Millennials these days don’t stick around.’ Well why would they if you don’t offer them any kind of loyalty back?” [18:35]
“Business is an infinite game. And when you play with a finite mindset lots of people suffer, including the companies they themselves are trying to build!” [21:00]
“Be the leader you wish you had.” [49:16] FOLLOW: WEBSITE:
“The Infinite Game” [2:39]
“Leaders Eat Last” [2:39]

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